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Page Title: Electronic Mail Services
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Lessons Learned Handbook:
Sites can place information on the Gopher servers in American Standard Code for
Information Interchange (ASCII) format to allow the information to be searched and
easily cut and pasted into locally prepared documents for dissemination within
sites/facilities/areas. In addition, formatted documents may be placed on the servers
to allow users to duplicate the formatted documents using their local word processing
Electronic Mail Services
(Simple Mail Transport Protocol and Post Office Protocol) The TIS mail services allow
users to send and receive messages electronically from individuals or groups at DOE,
DOE contractors, and others worldwide. Users can read, print, reply, forward, and
store messages. Documents or pictures can also be attached to electronic mail
messages. Electronic mail is sent and received across Local Area Networks and Wide
Area Networks, including Internet. In order for electronic mail to be sent and received
between sites, it will be important for all Lessons Learned Coordinators to establish an
electronic mail address with a gateway to the Internet.
News Groups
(Network News Transport Protocol) News groups will be used to exchange ideas,
views, and generally provide a forum for ongoing, on-line discussions. Discussions in
news group forums take place via electronic mail messages that are sent to a news
group address. The news groups provide a means for collecting messages about
single topics into common areas. News groups continually evolve yet maintain
information from past discussions. The news groups will provide a repository for
informal lessons learned information, a means of holding informal discussions across
DOE, and a "corporate memory" to assist individuals who are newly involved with the
lessons learned process. Participation in the news groups will foster sharing of ideas
and development and implementation of lessons learned at individual
List Service
(Simple Mail Transport Protocol) The list service provides a vehicle for sending
messages to established lists of recipients. The list service is generally used to
facilitate rapid transfer of urgent or important messages to key individuals. For lessons
learned, the list service will be used to communicate urgent messages to the Lessons
Learned Coordinators and other key individuals. When a message is posted to the list
service, an automatic forwarding of the message to those individuals will occur. More
information regarding the DOE Lessons Learned List Service is provided in "Answers to
Frequently Asked Questions About the DOE Lessons Learned List Service" (See
Volume II, Appendix XIII).
World Wide Web Services
The World Wide Web (WWW) is a protocol to access information. WWW viewers gather
Internet resources from all over the world into a series of menu pages or screens that
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