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Page Title: Protocol Requirements for Accessing DOE Lessons Learned Information Services
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Lessons Learned Handbook:
Interoperability of applications and systems;
Independence from a particular hardware and software environment;
Flexibility to change and expand;
Capability to integrate data and systems from different sources;
Greater leverage with systems and application suppliers gained by the clear
articulation of system requirements; and
Access independent of physical geography.
The TIS definition of open systems applies more to the protocol than it does to the
platform. These open system protocols are used to develop a system of independent
processes that will appear to the end user as a unified whole. As long as the user
conforms to the TIS communications protocols, the user may choose any hardware
platform, graphical user interface, or specific application. This means that TIS will
interface equally well on an IBM PC, Macintosh, UNIX workstation, or other computing
platform. Similarly, users may access TIS services, such as electronic mail, through their
choice of application (e.g., Eudora, cc:mail or another mail viewing program).
Protocol Requirements for Accessing DOE Lessons Learned
Information Services
The basic services that will be used to exchange lessons learned information are
described below, along with the protocols that will be used to implement each service.
"Protocol" refers to the formal description of message formats and the rules that two
or more computers must follow to exchange those messages.
Bulletin Board Services (Gopher Services)
[Reference: RFC1436 The Internet Gopher protocol (a distributed search and retrieval
protocol)] The term "Gopher" refers to a user application that is used for browsing the
Internet. Gopher facilitates the search and retrieval process. The bulletin board
services allow users to electronically access current information such as conference
dates, publications, and information bulletins that are posted by other users. Users
can review, print, or retrieve information that is posted on a bulletin board. TIS
bulletin board services/Gopher provide access to multiple bulletin boards, including the
DOE lessons learned bulletin board (to be established).
A lessons learned bulletin board will be established to allow users to post and access
lessons learned information. In addition, the TIS bulletin board service will allow users
to access worldwide information including safety-related information provided by
universities and research centers. Bulletin board information can include formatted
documents as well as graphics and audio files.
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