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Page Title: Reviews and Evaluations
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Lessons Learned Handbook:
Use Internet to access publications from across the complex.
Develop the capability to access publications through phone and fax machines.
For example, Sandia National Laboratory recently established a means of sharing
and accessing documents utilizing phone and fax lines, referred to as the
"Sandia Line." It can be accessed by calling the central Sandia Line number
(505) 845-6789 and following prompts to identify general topic areas and obtain
specific documents. Documents are placed on the system by faxing them to
the Sandia Line computer. An index of all available documents can be obtained
by calling the system. Requested documents are sent directly from the Sandia
Line system to the user's fax machine with minimal delay. The Sandia Line is
accessible across the DOE complex and, although it currently contains only
documents placed on the system at Sandia, the service can be expanded to
accommodate documents from other sites. For example, lessons learned that
are placed on a Wide Area Network for DOE-wide computer-based access could
also be faxed to the Sandia Line for telephone/fax access. In addition, site-
specific publications that document lessons learned could be placed on the
system to facilitate dissemination.
See Volume II, Appendix VIII for examples of site-specific documents used to transmit
lessons learned.
Reviews and Evaluations
Numerous types of reviews are conducted across DOE (e.g., operational readiness
reviews, readiness assessments, program reviews, post-project reviews, audits,
appraisals, and self-assessments). Each review generally results in a series of review
findings that are documented in a final report. Formal responses are often prepared
to address the findings. The reviews provide an important source of feedback about
projects and operations and a valuable vehicle for transfer of lessons learned. Several
potential options for sharing lessons learned through review processes are listed
Discuss lessons learned in review meetings and close-out sessions.
Require that a description of lessons learned be included in review reports.
Document and track actions that are taken to address review and audit findings.
Note successful actions and, when appropriate, communicate as Good Work
For employees that share office space, cafeterias, meeting rooms or other areas,
lessons learned bulletin boards can be an effective way of sharing information or
emphasizing a learning theme. Potential options include:
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