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Page Title: Section 2.2 Lessons Learned Training
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Lessons Learned Handbook:
Section 2.2
Lessons Learned Training
Lessons learned training can be a simple orientation session or a formal training
program. All staff that will be involved in the lessons learned program should receive
basic training to acquaint them with the lessons learned process and the
accompanying requirements. Two types of training will be addressed in this section --
(a) general employee orientation and (b) training for Lessons Learned Coordinators,
managers overseeing the lessons learned program, and staff responsible for
implementing the lessons learned program. In addition, this section will briefly discuss
training roles and responsibilities, evaluation processes, and applicable documents.
General Employee Orientation
A general employee orientation session should be held for all employees to introduce
the concept of lessons learned, and to build awareness of, and support for, the
lessons learned program. The orientation should also provide an overview of the
lessons learned process, explain the applicable requirements, and define basic roles
and responsibilities. The employee orientation should cover, in broad terms, how to
identify, document, access, and use lessons learned. A more detailed explanation of
these areas should be provided for employees directly involved in overseeing or
implementing the lessons learned program.
Training for Lessons Learned Coordinators,
Managers and Staff
Training for Lessons Learned Coordinators, managers, and staff should explain the
lessons learned process, the roles and responsibilities related to the process, and the
program's requirements. This training should be required for all technical, supervisory
and management employees and should cover all categories of lessons learned
including Red/Urgent, Yellow/Caution, Blue/Information, and Green/Good Work
Practice. This training should go into greater detail than the orientation session and
should cover the following topics: how to develop and disseminate a lesson learned,
how to incorporate lessons learned into projects and activities, and how to address
lessons learned that require immediate attention.
How to Develop and Disseminate a Lesson Learned
Developing a lesson learned generally includes the following processes: identifying,
documenting, validating, and completing security clearances. Disseminating a lesson
learned requires an understanding of electronic systems and other methods.
Dissemination may include more than one approach, depending on the type of lesson
learned and the dissemination options chosen by the site. The following training
topics should be covered regarding how to develop and disseminate a lesson learned.
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