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Page Title: Application of Provisions
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Radiological Control
Excellence in Radiological Control
June 2004
If a site has multiple facilities, there should be one manual for the site and one radiological control organization. If a
prime contractor manages several DOE sites, efforts should be made to have one corporate radiological control
manual that applies to all of that prime contractor's DOE sites. For a site that has multiple prime contractors, a
common manual, with facility-, contractor-, or building-specific guidance to accommodate unique considerations,
should be issued and endorsed by each contractor's senior site executive. For prime contractors who manage
several sites but who also operate sites with more than one prime contractor, the site manual should take
precedence over the corporate radiological control manual.
Subcontractors should comply with the site-specific radiological control manual.
Where DOE employees are conducting the transport of nuclear devices or components, a program-specific
radiological control manual, based upon the provisions of this Standard, should be issued and appro ved by the
DOE Operations Office Manager. Controlled copies of such manuals should be provided to the Secretarial Officer
having primary responsibility for operations at the site.
115 Application of Provisions
This Standard assumes that most facilit ies or sites have organizations in place that generally meet the provisions
presented in the text. It is not the intent of this Standard to unnecessarily create new or separate organizations if
those functions can be incorporated into existing ones. Exis ting organizational and committee charters should be
revised to reflect the provisions and emphasis of this Standard. Similarly, titles such as "radiological control
manager" and "radiological control technician" that are used in the Standard may locally be designated differently.
A phased approach to transition to the use of the titles of positions in this Standard should be adopted.
Corresponding position descriptions and organizational charts should be revised to accurately reflect required
radiologic al control responsibilities.
The degree of program formality and extent of the associated administrative process should be commensurate with
the extent of existing and potential radiological hazards. For example, a site with an annual collective total effective
dose equivalent of one person-rem or less, that works with small quantities of unsealed radioactive material, would
not be expected to have a radiological control program as complex as one required at higher hazard sites. At lower
hazard sites, some program elements may be satisfied by brief policy statements.
116 User Groups
DOE encourages its contractors to establish informal working associations that promote dialogue among the
radiological control organizations from similar or comparable facilities. User Groups should include representation
from various contractors. Assignment of members to the user groups should be on a rotating basis.
To assist contractors in identifying and adopting proven practices and implementing procedures in a timely manner
within the DOE complex, DOE encourages its contractors to develop, through the User Groups, Radiological Work
Practices Handbooks that can be used by a given category or class of facilities associated with the User Group.

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