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As in all safety disciplines, this Standard can only be constructively put to use by experienced
criticality safety professionals utilizing their professional judgment and expertise. The purpose
of this document is to provide a set of guidelines, not checklists, for use by DOE criticality safety
personnel when reviewing criticality safety evaluations produced by the contractor. This review
guide is intended to provide a consistent framework for assuring that acceptable evaluations are
produced by DOE contractors. This Standard is focused first, on assessing criticality safety; and
second, on literal DOE Order/Rule compliance. It does not deal with issues of routine document
quality assurance that any technical writer should impose upon the product. The Standard
contains complementary material to DOE-STD-3007-93 and associated change notice dated
September 1998. While the Standard is keyed to sections in DOE-STD-3007-93, it is not
necessary that the contractor use this format for documenting criticality safety evaluations. This
formalism is used for convenience and to provide a common frame of reference only. The
reviewer should concern himself only with the technical content of the criticality safety
evaluation, not the format in which it is documented.
From a safety perspective, a graded approach is recommended when reviewing criticality safety
evaluations (CSEs). The most important decision to make prior to reviewing an evaluation of a
fissile material operation is whether or not criticality is credible for the system or process being
analyzed. If, in the judgment of the reviewer, criticality may be credible, but unlikely, then the
reviewer should make sure the arguments presented in the evaluation are supported by identified,
experienced engineering and operational individuals' judgement. However, the conclusion that
criticality is incredible or unlikely in aging facilities is made much more difficult by such things
as lack of accurate facility drawings, incomplete knowledge of holdup, residue and waste
quantities, and lack of experienced operators utilizing administrative controls. Extreme care
should be exercised in concluding that criticality is incredible. Such a conclusion should be made
only after careful consideration of the adequacy of the existing facility characterization and the
impact of historical operations on potential abnormal event scenarios. The reviewer should
assure that the derivation of the conclusion of incredibility of criticality is fully documented.
However, in the preponderance of fissile operations, criticality is both possible and credible.
This Standard is primarily for use with CSEs covering these kinds of operations. While a
comprehensive and thorough review is necessary, some review criteria are flexible (i.e., graded
approach) and these will be pointed out in the Standard.

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