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This technical Functional Area Qualification Standard identifies the technical competency
requirements for Department of Energy personnel. Although there are other competency
requirements associated with the positions held by DOE personnel, this Functional Area
Qualification Standard is limited to identifying the specific technical competencies. The
competency statements define the expected knowledge and/or skill that an individual must
meet. Each of the competency statements is further explained by a listing of supporting
knowledge and/or skill statements.
The competencies identify a familiarity level, a working level, or an expert level of knowledge; or
they require the individual to demonstrate the ability to perform a task or activity. These levels
are defined as follows:
Familiarity level is defined as basic knowledge of or exposure to the subject or process
adequate to discuss the subject or process with individuals of greater knowledge.
Working level is defined as the knowledge required to monitor and assess
operations/activities, to apply standards of acceptable performance, and to reference
appropriate materials and/or expert advice as required to ensure the safety of
Departmental activities.
Expert level is defined as a comprehensive, intensive knowledge of the subject or
process sufficient to provide advice in the absence of procedural guidance.
Demonstrate the ability is defined as the actual performance of a task or activity in
accordance with policy, procedures, guidelines, and/or accepted industry or Department
Headquarters and Field elements shall establish a program and process to ensure that DOE
personnel possess the competencies required of their position. That includes the competencies
identified in this technical Functional Area Qualification Standard or a similar Standard
developed by the organization. Documentation of the completion of the requirements of the
Standard shall be included in the employee's training and qualification record.
Equivalencies may be granted for individual competencies based upon an objective evaluation
of the employee's prior education, experience, and/or training. Equivalencies shall be granted
in accordance with the policies and procedures of the program or field office. The supporting
knowledge and/or skill statements, while not requirements, should be considered before
granting equivalency for a competency.
Training shall be provided to employees in the Technical Qualification Program who do not meet
the competencies contained in the technical Functional Area Qualification Standard.
Departmental training will be based upon appropriate supporting knowledge and/or skill
statements similar to the ones listed for each of the competency statements. Headquarters and
Field elements should use the supporting knowledge and/or skill statements as a basis for
evaluating the content of any training courses used to provide individuals with the requisite
knowledge and/or skill required to meet the technical Functional Area Qualification Standard
competency statements.

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