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DOE-STD-6003-96 Performance
Work will be performed to established technical standards and administrative controls
using approved instructions, procedures, or other appropriate means. Items are identified and
controlled to ensure their proper use and maintained to prevent their damage, loss, or deteriora-
tion. Equipment used for process monitoring or data collection is calibrated and maintained
(cf. Section 4.4.1).
Items and processes must be designed using sound engineering/scientific principles and
appropriate standards. Design work, including changes, incorporates applicable requirements
and design bases. Design interfaces are identified and controlled. The adequacy of design pro-
ducts is verified or validated by individuals or groups other than those who performed the work.
Verification and validation work must be completed before approval and implementation of the
design (cf. Chapter 6).
Procured items and services must meet established requirements and perform as speci-
fied. Prospective suppliers are evaluated and selected on the basis of specified criteria. Pro-
cesses to ensure that approved suppliers continue to provide acceptable items and services
must be established and implemented (cf. Section 4.4.1).
Inspection and testing of specified items, services, and processes must be conducted
using established acceptance and performance criteria. Equipment used for inspections and
tests must be calibrated and maintained (cf. Section 4.4.1). Assessment
Managers must assess their management processes and identify and correct problems
that hinder the organization from achieving its objectives.
Independent assessments are planned and conducted to measure item and service
quality, to measure the adequacy of work performance, and to promote improvement. The group
performing independent assessments must have sufficient authority and freedom from the line
to carry out its responsibilities. Persons conducting independent assessments must be
technically qualified and knowledgeable in the areas assessed.
4.4.3 Verification and Validation
Computer codes used to perform design and safety analysis for fusion facilities may be
required to be verified and validated (V&V). Verification and validation will be performed using a
graded approach that is based on the importance and complexity of the system/component.
V&V actions are not specifically defined in DOE Orders.
The QA plan documents the functional requirements for each piece of software, the
acceptance criteria to be used in the V&V process, the approach to be taken to verification and
validation, and the software configuration control strategy that will be used. The results of the

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