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Page Title: Startup and Restart of Fusion Facilities
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and ACs. Hazard Category 3 facilities should normally require only ACs to achieve an accept-
able level of safety assurance. Normally Below Hazard Category 3 facilities would not require
TSRs for the safe operation of the facility. However, some ACs may be desirable for the protec-
tion of the facility from an economic point of view.
5.8 Startup and Restart of Fusion Facilities
It is a recommended policy that new fusion facilities should be started up and existing
fusion facilities that have been shutdown should be restarted only after documented reviews of
readiness have been conducted and approvals have been received. The readiness review
should, in each case, demonstrate that it is safe to startup (or restart) the applicable facility.
The readiness reviews are not intended to be tools of line management to confirm readiness.
Rather, the readiness reviews provide an independent verification of readiness to start or restart
The startup and restart of complex fusion facilities warrant an independent operational
review of the facility readiness to ensure that operational safety can be achieved. The startup
and restart of fusion facilities will require a documented independent review of the readiness of
the facility for operation prior to startup. This can be in the form of either an operational readi-
ness review or a readiness assessment, depending on the hazard class of the facility and the
requirements established by the controlling authority.
5.8.1 Implementation of Startup and Restart Reviews
The startup and restart reviews required for Hazard Category 1, 2, and 3 fusion facilities
should generally follow the requirements of DOE Order 425.1 (DOE 1995b). These reviews are
generally required whenever the following conditions exist:
a. initial startups of new hazard category 1, 2, and 3 fusion facilities;
b. restart after an unplanned shutdown directed by a regulatory official for safety or other
appropriate reasons;
c. restart after an extended shutdown for Hazard Category 1 (6 months) and Category 2
(12 months) facilities;
d. restart of Hazard Category 1 and 2 nuclear facilities after substantial plant or facility
modifications required for future program work and/or for enhanced safety which
require changes in the safety basis previously approved by the controlling authority;
e. restart after a fusion facility shutdown because of operations outside the safety basis;
f. when deemed appropriate by regulatory officials, including facilities with a Hazard
Category less than 1 or 2.

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