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Page Title: Safety Evaluation Reports
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The review process results in the generation of a SER integral to the facility's
authorization basis. The SER for a given facility or operation documents: (1) that an
appropriate review of the DSA and TSRs was conducted and (2) bases for approving
these documents and any conditions of approval. Approval signifies that DOE has
accepted these documents as appropriately documenting the safety basis of a facility and
as serving as the basis for operational controls (e.g. , technical safety requirements,
programmatic control, etc.) necessary to maintain an acceptable operating envelope.
The SER is developed specifically to document acceptance of the DSA and TSRs.
Therefore, significant issues concerning these documents are typically resolved and
incorporated in the DSA and TSRs before the final SER is prepared. An analysis that
was not performed during preparation of the DSA and TSRs but is determined to be
required to complete the review is also documented independently of the SER. Only
statements pertinent to accepting the facility basis are included in the SER. In
accomplishing this, informed judgment and discretion are used to focus the SER on facts
that clearly reflect the actual conditions of the facility safety basis. The SER does not
need to repeat in wholesale fashion material contained in the DSA and TSRs.
The SER is intended to provide an overall summary of the methodology, assumptions,
bases, conclusions, and commitments in the DSA and TSRs rather than a tot al reanalysis
(i.e., independent verification and validation) of those activities addressed in the these
documents. During the review process selected limited independent verification and
validation can be performed, for example in cases where (1) there may be significant
questions about the validity of the original analysis, (2) where the risks are significant,
and/or (3) the analysis is critical to the overall conclusions in the DSA and TSRs;
however, significant discrepancies should be resolved as part of the development effort
for the DSA and TSRs and, if deemed appropriate, only briefly documented in the SER.
The resolution of such significant discrepancies should not be deferred to conditions of
approval. The SER clearly states any conditions of approval that impose additional
commitments to which facility management must adhere beyond those already
documented in the DSA and TSRs. In general, conditions that could be incorporated into
the body of these documents are so incorporated during the review process as prompted
by issue resolution (as opposed to being addressed in the SER and potentially
invalidating portions of the DSA and TSRs). See sections 2.6 and 4.11 for additional
discussion of conditions of approval.
Approval statements addressing specific areas of the safety basis are augmented with
brief summaries of the most significant facility-specific points in those areas to provide a
basic context to understand what is being approved. In stating the adequacy of the
approval bases, it may also prove advantageous and/or warranted for the SER to discuss
areas of concern or issues with significant ramifications for facility operations. Generally,
these issues will have been resolved and any inquiries into them will have been
completed during the review process. Any discussion of issues in the SER should be on
a summary level and directed towards clarifying some specific aspect of approval or
demonstrating understanding of some aspect of the facility safety basis.
If the SER imposes a condition of approval (e.g., additional compensatory measures,
alterations of stated commitments, etc.) on the facility safety basis documented in the
DSA and TSRs, then the SER necessarily modifies that facility safety basis. In such
cases, conditions cited in the SER become part of the facility safety basis. Therefore, a
facility safety basis is composed of an approved DSA and TSRs modified as necessary
by the SER to reflect DOE-imposed conditions of approval. The SER or memorandum
stating the conditions is subs equently appended to the DSA and TSRs. Specification of

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