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Page Title: Pantex Plant Chemical Management Program
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Pantex Plant Chemical Management Program
1.0 Introduction and Scope
BWXT Pantex LLC, as the prime contractor, manages the Pantex site for the DOE. BWXT Pantex is
committed to performing work safely using ISMS principles and has established programs for the safe
and effective management of work with hazardous chemicals.
2.0 Chemical Life-cycle Program
2.1 Hazard Identification and Analysis
Pantex does not have any chemical processes that exceed the OSHA PSM Standard thresholds, except for
explosives in Manufacturing Processes. Almost all of Pantex's chemical processes are also explosive
manufacturing processes and are therefore managed per the PSM Standard. In addition, many non-
explosive chemical processes are also managed per the PSM Standard as best business practice."
At Pantex, the preliminary hazards analysis takes the form of a questionnaire (PX-1245), which is used to
collect information about facility inventories of highly hazardous chemicals, explosives, and nuclear
material. This information serves as an objective basis for facility hazard classification. The information
also allows ranking of facilities based on the quantity and form of nuclear material; the consequences
associated with an explosive event, as well as the type of explosives operation; and the consequences of a
release of highly hazardous materials.
Pantex uses its Facility Hazard Classification as the basis for determining if a facility is "nuclear" (which
requires the development of Authorization Basis Documents) or if a facility requires control under the
plant's PSM program because it is classified as an Explosive Manufacturing Operation or has threshold
inventories of Highly Hazardous Chemicals. The Preliminary Hazard Analysis serves as the safety basis
for facilities that are not classified as nuclear or covered by PSM.
The techniques used to complete PHAs include "What-if" analyses, Explosive Safety Checklist
Analyses, General Industry Checklist analyses and FMEA analyses. The information from Preliminary
Hazards Analyses, previous Final Safety Analysis Report analyses, Fire Hazards Analyses, and other
analyses are used to support PHAs.
A multifunctional team that includes a PHA Leader, Facility Manager, Operations Manager, Process
Engineer, Process Operator/Engineering Technician, and Explosives Safety Expert completes the PHA
(per the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.119). The PHA leader is trained and certified in the analysis
techniques that are used. The Facility Manager provides expertise in the management, maintenance, and
design of the facility. The Operations Manager and Operator provide expertise in the operation and
ergonomics associated with the processes In addition to the designated team members, several subject
matter experts, such as Industrial Hygiene personnel, Waste Operations personnel, Fire Protection
personnel and Electrical Classification personnel usually are consulted during the performance of a PHA.

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