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Page Title: Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization
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ordered before. If a given chemical is in use in other places onsite, but has not previously been used in
this specific shop, it is considered a new chemical. The Chemical Control Committee is not a standing
committee in the sense that it meets on a regular basis to review the PX-761 forms. Instead it is a
designated group of reviewers who have responsibility to conduct their specific portion of the review on
an "as needed" basis.
The form is first routed through the HazCom Group to obtain a current Material Safety Data Sheet
(MSDS) for the chemical being requested. That MSDS is scanned into the plant's online MSDS system
and immediately becomes available to all plant employees. The PX-761 is then forwarded electronically,
using a program platform called Optix, to an Industrial Hygienist, who is assigned responsibility for the
IH program in the area where the chemical is proposed for storage and/or use. That Industrial Hygienist
conducts a review of the existing engineering controls and makes any necessary PPE call-outs for
employees who will be using this material.
Once it has been reviewed and recommended for approval by the IH Technician, the PX-761 is routed to
the Industrial Hygiene Section Manager for review and approval. It is then electronically routed to at least
four other Chemical Control Committee members. Those four areas are Fire Protection Engineering, Fire
Department, Waste Management, and Environmental Protection.
Additional members of the Committee are included in the review process on an "as needed" basis,
depending on the characteristics or uses of the chemical being ordered. For instance, if the material is
highly energetic or may be used in the fabrication of explosives or explosive devices, the Explosives
Safety and/or Nuclear Explosives Safety Department will review the form. The site Chemical Hygiene
Officer reviews the form when a chemical is being requested for any of the several laboratories onsite.
The Radiation Safety Department reviews the form for any chemical that has a radioactive potential is
reviewed by the Radiation Safety Department, and additional reviewers are called upon for chemicals
requiring their area of expertise.
Each reviewer in this process has the opportunity to request additional information and make any
applicable comments or recommendations on this request. Ultimately each reviewer will recommend it
for approval or disapproval, based on the hazards that the chemical presents in their area of expertise.
The final reviewer is the Plant Chemical Control Coordinator. The Chemical Control Coordinator
reviews all comments and recommendations and gives the final approval or rejection of the request. The
Chemical Control Coordinator may approve the request, even when there is a recommendation for
disapproval, if there is sufficient reason to do so. Usually this is only done for "one-time- only" or
emergency action type requests. In most cases, a recommendation to disapprove from any Chemical
Control Committee member will lead to disapproval by the Chemical Control Coordinator.
2.7 Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization
All Pantex employees are an active part of a comprehensive Pollution Prevention Program. Pollution
Prevention (P2) and the ISMS work hand-in-hand to assure waste generation is minimized to the most
practicable amount possible.
One activity that highlights P2 in a model chemical management system is the control of chemicals
purchased by a facility. At Pantex Plant this process is implemented through the use of the PX-761
process. The requestor completes the PX-761, Pantex Chemical Request Form, before the chemical is
purchased. The form is reviewed by personnel from the Occupational Safety & Health Department, Fire
Department, Fire Protection Engineering Department, Waste Operations Department and Explosives
Safety Department. This review ensures that the chemical is safe for use with the proper controls in place

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