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After a P-Number has been assigned, the MSDS is reviewed for labeling using a labeling system that was
developed locally. This label is similar to the NFPA label system, except rectangles, instead of diamonds,
are used for the four label identifiers. The item is labeled on a scale of zero to four (0-4) in each of three
categories (Health, Flammability, and Reactivity). A fourth block is used to indicate the normally
expected form of the material. In addition, there is a Special Information Block where such things as
carcinogen status, reproductive hazards, skin irritation potential, acid or water reactivity, and so on are
listed. The label also has a large alpha character on it to identify the storage classification.
When a material has been authorized for purchase and procured through normal channels, as described
above, the material is received through the Receiving Section of General Stores. Personnel in the
Receiving Section access the labeling database and the system automatically prints as many labels as they
request for the incoming material. This label includes a 12-digit bar-code that uniquely identifies any
given container of hazardous material. The 12 digits are derived as follows. The first 6 digits of the bar-
code are the P-Number for that product. If the P-Number has two decimal places because there are more
than 9 suppliers, the numbers higher than 9 are indicated with alpha characters. The 7th digit of the bar-
code indicates the year in which the product was received, and the remaining 5 digits are sequentially
numbered for the number of containers received for that year. For example, if the Receiving Section
received a gallon container of Isopropyl Alcohol from J. T. Baker Chemical Company (P-Number
00518.13), and this was the 1,215th container received this year, the bar-code numbers would be
00518DB01215 (00518 = isopropyl alcohol; D = the 13th manufacturer code [A=10, B=11, C=12. D=13],
B = 2001, and 01215 = the 1,215th container of this material received this year).
When the labels are produced, the bar-code number is automatically generated and assigned to that
container. The Receiving Section employee who requests the labels will input the quantity and number of
containers received. The system stores this information in a tracking database. At the same time, a
duplicate entry is automatically generated into a historical database that maintains this information as
When a container is moved from one onsite location to another, the workplace supervisor is responsible
for notifying the HazCom Group of the planned move. The HazCom Group ensures that the necessary
reviews have been completed to approve the chemical to be in the new location and will then update the
computer database to show the new location.
2.4 Transportation - Not addressed
2.5 Storage
The Pantex storage compatibility system was locally developed. Organic and non- organic acids and
bases and oxidizers are each assigned a separate code; all other chemicals are placed in the "General
Chemical" category. Each category is assigned a different alpha character designator. The rule is that
"A's can be stored with A's, B's can be stored with B's," and so on. Flammable materials (flammable
rating of 2,3, or 4) must be stored in a flammable storage cabinet, and all carcinogens must be stored
away from other chemicals. All of this information is entered into the onsite labeling database computer
2.6 Control of Chemical Hazards
The Pantex Chemical Control Program is designed to allow for a thorough review of any new chemical
that is proposed to be brought onsite before an order is placed. For the purposes of this program a "new
chemical" is any chemical that is proposed for purchase in a specific work center where it has not been

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