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Page Title: Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization
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TLV in the absence of an action level) for OSHA-regulated substances requiring medical surveillance.
SNL managers whose personnel engage in the laboratory use of hazardous chemicals are responsible for
ensuring that personnel receive medical consultation in any of these circumstances.
Managers are also responsible for reviewing and approving laboratory operations, procedures, or
activities when a new chemical or change in process is introduced that creates a potential health hazard to
SNL personnel and which has not been evaluated by cognizant SNL personnel and/or their Division
ES&H Team. They also ensure that engineering controls (e.g., fume hoods) and other protective
equipment, such as eyewashes, safety showers, and PPE, are functioning properly and used appropriately.
Managers of laboratory personnel also ensure that additional provisions for personnel protection are made
for those who work with particularly hazardous substances and that work with particularly hazardous
substances covered under the OSHA Laboratory Standard is performed in a designated area. They must
also ensure that SNL personnel understand and comply with SNL's Chemical Hygiene Plan and 29 CFR
1910.1450 (and its appendices), as well as the additional requirements defined in the "Hazard
Communication Standard," and the TSCA for chemicals that are developed in the laboratory or imported
into the laboratory.
SNL personnel are responsible for informing management before using a hazardous chemical in an
application for which a potential exposure exists that has not previously been evaluated, as well as for
conducting laboratory operations according to SNL's CHP.
SNL's policy regarding chemical labels is that they are not be removed or defaced. In addition, policy
requires secondary containers to be clearly labeled with the chemical name and primary hazard. The CIS
maintains the MSDSs, which are accessible to all through the internal computer network or by phone.
Managers of HazCom areas are responsible for ensuring that exposure of workers to hazardous substances
is controlled such that they do not exceed OSHA's PELs or ACGIH TLVs, whichever limit is most
restrictive. They also are responsible for ensuring that SNL personnel meet applicable requirements in
OSHA Expanded Health Standards listed in 29 CFR 1910.1000, Subpart Z, "Toxic and Hazardous
HazCom area managers ensure that a list of the hazardous chemicals (using identities referenced on the
appropriate MSDSs) known to be present in the work area is accessible to SNL personnel and that SNL
personnel are informed of the hazards associated with nonroutine tasks and with chemicals contained in
unlabeled pipes. (This may be accomplished through site-specific training, health and safety meetings,
and technical work documents.)
Space owners must ensure that non-SNL personnel (e.g., contractors) who may be exposed to SNL
hazardous chemicals in the work area under normal conditions of use or in a foreseeable emergency have
access to MSDSs for each SNL-owned hazardous chemical to which they may be exposed. They also are
responsible for ensuring that SNL personnel are informed of precautionary measures (e.g., PPE, alarms)
to protect themselves during normal operating conditions and foreseeable emergencies and that they are
informed of any labeling systems used in the work area that are not self-explanatory.
2.7 Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization
Sandia's Pollution Prevention staff is available to project leaders to help them investigate ways to reduce
chemical usage, substitute with less toxic chemicals, and reduce the laboratory's consumption of ozone
depletors, solvents, aerosols, and waste. In addition, laboratory owners pay a fee for all chemicals going
to Hazardous Waste. This charge-back policy promotes responsible chemical usage.

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