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Page Title: Sandia National Laboratories Chemical Management Program
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Sandia National Laboratories Chemical Management Program
1.0 Introduction and Scope
Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) is committed to performing work safely and ensuring the protection
of the workforce, the public, and the environment. Sandia is also committed to performing work
effectively and efficiently, ensuring that its customers receive the best possible value for each dollar
spent. Through implementation of ISMS, Sandia expects to achieve improved safety performance and a
consistent set of safety policies, objectives, principles, and management functions.
2.0 Chemical Life-cycle Program
2.1 Hazard Identification and Analysis
Before any new work is begun, managers are responsible for ensuring that hazards are identified,
analyzed, and controlled to minimize adverse consequences and/or the likelihood of adverse
consequences. They also ensure that hazard identifications, analyses, and emergency plans are current and
that all administrative and engineering controls are in place and operational. Managers are tasked with
informing workers about the hazards and hazard controls applicable to the activity in which they are
involved and for ensuring that the identified risks are acceptable. It is also a management responsibility
to ascertain that the Authorization Basis and Readiness Review requirements have been completed and
that the ISMS software has been used to identify and document the following for all operations: hazards,
project/activity classification (facility, laboratory, office), hazards classification, training requirements,
and safety documentation. They also ascertain that the ISMS software has been used to analyze hazards
for low-, moderate-, and high-hazard non-nuclear operations, accelerators, and nuclear facilities.
SNL personnel who direct day-to-day work activities are responsible for knowing the hazards associated
with the work and the controls needed to perform the work safely. They are also expected to integrate
ES&H requirements from sitewide institutional sources, facility-specific sources, and project-specific
sources and ensure that all required controls are properly in place before work begins. SNL personnel
also have the responsibility for reporting to management any work situations or practices they observe
that do not comply with safety responsibilities.
2.2 Acquisition
Chemical acquisition procedures vary a bit among SNL sites (i.e., Livermore, Nevada, and Kauai). The
preferred method of purchasing chemicals is through SNL'S Just-In-Time (JIT) vendors. Most chemical
users phone the vendors directly with chemical orders. The JIT vendors enter the order information into
SNL's purchasing software (Oracle) and provide inventory tracking bar-codes and information to Sandia,
then deliver the chemicals directly to the labs.
If a chemical can not be purchased through the JIT vendors, a laboratory owner may submit a purchase
requisition to purchase chemicals. If this method is used, the laboratory owner is responsible for inventory
tracking and bar-coding. Chemicals purchased using a purchase requisition are delivered to SNL's
centralized receiving area.

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