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Page Title: Environment, Safety, Health, and Quality Assurance
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Department, as they are the custodians of most of the power lines at SRS. Their input provided
the ER N&S standards identifiers with a better understanding of site requirements and
commercial practices (Ref. A2).
Environment, Safety, Health, and Quality Assurance
Various Environment, Safety, Health, and Quality Assurance (ESH-QA) organizations within
WSRC and DOE are stakeholders because they may affect or be affected by the results of this
process. ESH&QA is responsible for the SRS approach to a standards-based program, in
response to DNFSB recommendation 90-2. The Standards/Requirements Identification
Document is the SRS response to 90-2. The WSRC-ER process team leader is also the ER
S/RID point of contact and ensured that SRS S/RID requirements determined to not be N&S as
a result of this F/H Groundwater Remediation N&S pilot are identified as such (REF. 41, A3).
Department of Energy - Headquarters
Various organizations and committees within DOE-HQ are stakeholders because they can
affect the results of this process. DOE-Environmental Management (EM) authorized the use of
the DOE Standards Committee's N&S process on an SRS-ER project (Ref. 5). In July, 1995,
DOE-EM-23 initiated bi-weekly conference calls with all of the EM N&S pilots across the
complex. These calls were effective forums for learning the status, issues and lessons learned
from other pilots. DOE-Environment, Safety and Health (DOE-EH), which endorses a
standards-based program, met with the SRS N&S pilot team in June 1995 to monitor the
progress of this pilot (Ref. 22 - 6/22/95). WSRC provided DOE with feedback on the process
and DOE provided WSRC with feedback on our implementation of the process. In addition,
DOE-EH's Office of Oversight conducted a scheduled surveillance on the N&S Pilot Public
Meeting held on September 7, 1995. The results of this surveillance was that the meeting was
informative, conducted professionally, and afforded the public the opportunity to become
knowledgeable of SRS activities which may affect their health, safety, environment or quality of
life (Ref. A4). DOE-Defense Programs visited SRS in January 1995 to investigate the use of
commercial codes/standards within the DOE complex; WSRC-ER presented information on this
ER N&S pilot to the DOE-DP Industry Codes/Standards committee. Communications with

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