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Page Title: Facility Materiel Deficeincy Identification
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3.5.1 An individual noting a facility materiel deficiency should clearly identify the
problem as set forth below. Deficiency Identification Tags (Appendix B) should be uniquely numbered
and coded to facilitate tracking. The tags do not have to be used in
sequential order nor is there to be accountability for blocks of numbered
tags. Enter a description of the deficiency in the "Note" section of the tag.
Multiple deficiencies of a similar nature that are to be included on the same
MJR and that are in close proximity require only one tag, e.g., ten fasteners
missing from a motor control center. The fact that the tag is for multiple
deficiencies should be indicated in the "Note" section of the tag. Entry of
the date is particularly important. The date should be used in conjunction
with the tag number to obtain the MJR number that corresponds to the
identified deficiency (see Section Remove the duplicate portion of the tag and attach the hard copy portion
to the equipment or component, as close as possible to the deficiency. If
the tag was properly completed, the duplicate contains the necessary
information to complete the MJR. The duplicate should be retained until a
MJR is initiated.
a) Where the deficiency is inaccessible due to radiation or physical reasons,
the hard copy of the deficiency tag should be hung in a clearly visible area
as close as possible to the deficiency, i.e., at eye level, directly below a
valve leak in the overhead, or on/near the access door to a high radiation
b) For those situations in which the hanging of a deficiency tag may restrict
the visibility of facility instrumentation or controls, the smaller Deficiency
Identification Sticker (Appendix B) should be used. This situation
generally pertains to deficiencies within the control room or on facility
control panels. Blank Deficiency Identification Tags and Stickers should be kept in the
control rooms and the maintenance shops. The tags and stickers are for
field completion at the time a deficiency is identified without the necessity
to have obtained additional information or MJR numbers. Operations
personnel should be encouraged to carry a supply of tags with them on their
rounds through the facility. Maintenance personnel and engineers should
be encouraged to carry tags with them while working in the facility.

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