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Page Title: Facility Materiel Deficeincy Identification - Continued
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3.5.2 The individual identifying the deficiency should initiate a MJR. (see DOE-STD-
1050-93, "Guidelines to Good Practices for Planning, Scheduling, and Coordination
of Maintenance Activities at DOE Nuclear Facilities") The Deficiency Identification Tag or Sticker number should be entered in
the MJR index. Since the date on the deficiency tag is the date of the
MJR, the index provides any necessary cross-reference. The duplicate portion of the Deficiency Identification Tag should be used to
enter key information on the MJR.
a) The tag or sticker serial number, date, and description of deficiency should
be recorded on the MJR.
b) If the Deficiency Identification Tag was not placed in close proximity to
the deficiency, this fact should be noted. Such a notation should assist
maintenance personnel in locating the tag prior to starting work and in
removing the tag upon completion of the work.
c) The duplicate may be affixed to the MJR or discarded. The system now
provides complete traceability from a deficiency, using the tag number and
date, to the MJR index and then to the MJR, which contains the tag or
sticker serial number and a copy of the original tag. The age of a
deficiency may be determined in the field from the date on the tag and the
status of its repair, determined from the work control system.
3.5.3 Maintenance personnel should ensure that deficiency tags and stickers are
removed following the completion of corrective maintenance after the resolved
condition has been functionally verified as satisfactory and complete. The mechanic or technician assigned to
the work should locate the
Deficiency Identification Tag or Sticker
prior to starting work. If the tag or
sticker cannot be located, the mechanic
or technician should verify that they
are at the location of the equipment or
component specified by the MJR
before work is started. The mechanic or technician actually performing the work should remove
the tag or sticker when the job is complete. The tag may be destroyed. If
the tag is lost, or cannot be located, the circumstances should be noted on
the original MJR. As a part of their review of the completed MJR, the maintenance
supervisor should verify that the tag or sticker has been removed,

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