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Page Title: Facility Mission/Processes
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5.2 Facility Mission/Processes
Descriptive information on the overall mission is required as part of the SAR. It is also a
major factor in the development of the risk-based prioritization approach being implemented
throughout each aspect of facility safety design.
Information on the facility processes is used primarily in the hazards analysis phase of
the safety analysis. Facility process information and facility description information are used to
develop the inventory of facility hazards. Facility risks can then be established by identifying the
accessibility of each hazard.
The first criterion for determining the sufficiency of mission and process information in the
safety documentation is whether there is enough to support closure of the safety analysis. That
is, are there undocumented aspects of the facility mission or its processes that would in any way
affect the conclusions of the safety analysis with respect to the particular component, system,
and so on. The conclusion should be that there are not; should there be any situation that pro-
duces an answer to the contrary, then the mission/process descriptive information is deficient.
A second criterion for the sufficiency of mission information is whether there is enough to
implement a risk-based prioritization approach throughout the safety design activity. The previ-
ously described design and analysis activities would normally provide the necessary information
to satisfy the requirement.
5.3 Hazards Analysis
The hazards analysis performed for a given facility provides a measure of the risk poten-
tial for operation of that facility. The results of the hazards analysis will dictate the level of detail
required for the safety analysis that must be performed for approval to operate. The following
steps must be performed in the development of the hazards analysis:
a. Identify the potential energy sources, the initiating events, and inventories of radioac-
tive and hazardous material that could be present in the facility both during routine
operations and shutdown conditions, based on the classification methodology devel-
oped in such documents as DOE-STD-1027-92 (DOE 1992d).
b. Classify the facility into categories according to the its hazard potential using an
approach that does not account for safety system mitigation.
The categories with the higher hazard potential for a facility require a more detailed safety
analysis to demonstrate that the facility can be operated safely.
5.3.1 Inventory
The inventory of the radioactive and hazardous material is one of the determining factors
in the hazards analysis classification of a facility. A set of radioactive inventory limits has been
developed for use in the classification of fusion facilities into various hazard categories

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